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Tunnel 57

A True Escape-Story. With contributions by Maria Nooke, 
René Mounajed and Stefan Semel.

This historical comic book is an escape helper's first person account of the construction of a tunnel beneath the divided city of Berlin in 1964: From the preparations on the West Berlin side, the digging of the 145 metre long tunnel into East Berlin, the tunnel opening and the successful escape on the first day, and the dramatic events of the second day which were to have grave consequences.
Drawing on authentic interviews with the tunnel builders and refugees and original photographs and documents, writers and illustrators Thomas Henseler and Susanne Buddenberg recreate down to the last detail the dramatic events surrounding Tunnel 57.

Berlin 2013/2019
ISBN: 978-3-86153-729-8
5,00 Euro

Thomas Henseler / Susanne Buddenberg
Ch. Links Verlag
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