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Online Exhibition

Arriving. Life after Forced Migration

The online exhibition "Arriving. Life after Forced Migration" provides insight into the personal stories of people who came to Germany as refugees in 2011/12 and lived in the temporary housing facility for refugees in the immediate vicinity of the Marienfelde Refugee Center Museum for a short period of time. In video portraits, they talk about their flight, arrival in Berlin, their hopes, wishes and the challenges of a new beginning. The exhibition accompanies the arrival and life of the people in Germany over a period of 10 years.

Six comics show typical situations from the lives of refugees. The section "The world we live in" brings together facts and figures on the topic of flight and migration. A quiz invites visitors to question their own prejudices and the media's portrayal of flight. With the "Heimat-Builder" - a digital interactive gallery around the topic of "Heimat" - everyone can create an individual image of "Heimat" with clipart, their own photos and motifs and share it in the digital gallery or under the hashtag #heimatbuilder.

New Workshop "Tworld"

Accompanying the online exhibition a new workshop invites teenagers and young adults into Tworld. A second world, future world or in-between world - in which we design a more just world. The workshop can be booked starting January 17 for young people between the ages of 16 and 21.

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