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History of the Marienfelde Association

Today’s memorial museum was initiated by employees of the refugee center, former refugees and interested scholars. Soon after the reception center stopped operating, they began collecting objects, documents and other information about the lives of the refugees and the work conducted at Marienfelde.

In October 1993, the group founded the Marienfelde Refugee Centre Museum Association. Its aim was to research and document the site’s history and the history of the German migration movement from 1949 and 1990 and to make its findings accessible to a broad public. In 1994, it was legally recognized as a non-profit association and became responsible for the memorial site which later opened with a small exhibit.

After the permanent exhibition “Flight in Divided Germany” was opened  in 2005, the association entered into negotiations with potential sponsors and the Berlin Wall Association, paving the way for the establishment of the Berlin Wall Foundation.

The association supports the work of the Refugee Centre Memorial and initiates its own projects. The association and its members serve on a voluntary basis.

Donations Account and Membership

Förderverein Erinnerungsstätte
Notaufnahmelager Marienfelde e.V.
Berliner Volksbank
Kto.Nr.: 1002 699 008
BLZ 100 900 00

Aufnahmeantrag [pdf, 38.7 KB]
Satzung des Fördervereins [pdf, 106.2 KB]
Aufnahmeantrag [pdf, 38.7 KB]
Satzung des Fördervereins [pdf, 106.2 KB]

Support us

The Marienfelde Refugee Center Museum has many tasks and aims: We collect, document, organize exhibitions, educate, research, publish…

Our work is supported by funds from the State of Berlin and the German federal government. We also raise additional funds for exhibition and research projects and for our educational work.

We depend on additional funds to realize all our goals. As a private individual or company, you can support our work. Your contribution helps us:

  • Preserve the permanent exhibition
  • Develop material for our educational work and conduct educational programs
  • Establish a publicly-accessible library
  • Continue our contemporary witness program
  • Develop new projects

We are happy to provide you with more information about our work and special plans.

Do you have keepsakes?

We are not only interested in financial support. We are also happy to receive objects or documents that can be added to our collection on the German-German migration movement.  Please contact us if you have something related to an escape or emigration that you would like us to have.


Board of Directors

Dr. Henrik Bispinck


Katharina Hochmuth

Deputy Chair

Harald Fiss

Honorary Chair

Dr. Michael Parak

Secretary of the Board

Dr. Elke Kimmel


Gerhard Wendt


Hans Kuttner


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