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Tour at the Marienfelde Refugee Center Museum

© Berlin Wall Foundation, Photo Kerstin Klupsch

Guided Tour

Flight in Divided Germany

The Marienfelde Refugee Center in West Berlin was a central setting of the Cold War and an important intermediate stop for 1.35 million people who migrated from the GDR to the Federal Republic of Germany. In this dialogue-based exhibition tour, we invite you to learn more about this exciting chapter of German history. At the site of the events, we will tell you about the admission policy and practice of the Federal Republic, but we will also look at the time before and after the stay of the refugees and those who left the country in the emergency reception centre: Why did people leave the GDR? How did they manage to cross the border? And how did the "golden West" receive them? We relate people's personal experiences to important political developments.

Marienfelde Refugee Center Museum
Adults, Schools & Organizations
Group size
Min. 10 persons
1,25 hours
German, English, French, Italian, Polish, Arabic
Free for school children, adults € 3.50, reduced € 2.50 per person. For groups of less than 10 people, a base fee of € 35.00 applies.

Also available regularly in German as a public guided tour

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