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Glimpse into the exhibition in the Documentation Center

Indoor Exhibition: 1961 | 1989. The Berlin Wall

The exhibition “1961 | 1989. The Berlin Wall" is presented in the Documentation Center. The exhibition, covers 420 square meters and is dedicated to the history of Berlin’s division. It explains the political and historical situation that led to the Wall’s construction, its fall and the reunification of Germany. Why was the Wall built in 1961? How did people live with the Wall in divided Berlin? Why did it fall in 1989?


The exhibition contains numerous objects, biographies and audiovisual media. In the “Archive of Memory,” contemporary witnesses speak about their experiences in the shadow of the Wall. The exhibition connects the history of political events with social history and shows how the brutal division of the city affected people personally.  

A participatory element in the exhibition invites visitors to contribute their own thoughts on the history of German division and its consequences, or to comment on current issues related to democracy, freedom and human rights. 

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