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Group in front of the Wall

Public Guided Tours

Public overview tours on various topics and for different target groups take place regularly at the Berlin Wall Memorial. The tours last around 1 hour and are conducted with audio guides. These tours are free of charge for schoolchildren. Registration is not required..

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Group Tours

Guided tours for groups of 10 or more can be booked for different target groups and at an individual date. All offers for children & families, adults, schools & organisations and inclusion can be found under our educational offers. We are improving our booking system and currently only take requests via our booking form until 28 February 2023. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Bernauer Strasse after the Wall was built

Overview tour

Bernauer Strasse was one of the focal points of German division. The range of consequences of the construction of the Wall can be exemplified here: The destruction of urban space and lifeways, the separation of family members and friends, and the attempts to overcome the Wall.

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Bernauer Strasse after the Wall was Built

Touch Tour

The tour on the former border strip between East and West Berlin uses the situation at Bernauer Strasse to describe the consequences of the Berlin Wall. Blind and visually impaired participants experience the historical site through various senses: They have the opportunity to touch historic objects and original segments of the Berlin Wall, use specially prepared tactile material and listen to original audio recordings. Sighted participants also gain new perspectives on the time when Berlin was divided by the Wall.

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Touch Tour at the Berlin Wall Memorial

© Berlin Wall Foundation

Touch Tour at the Berlin Wall Memorial

© Berlin Wall Foundation


Guides explain details of the history on site

How did the Berlin Wall change Bernauer Strasse? How did the division affect people's lives? What traces of the Berlin Wall can still be seen here today? Just drop by and our live speakers will answer these and any other questions you may have. They’ll explain how the memorial was created and how the city changed after the Wall fell.

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Guides explain details of the history on site

Tour guide

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Use our mobile website to explore three different tours of the memorial.


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