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View of the exhibition in the Documentation Center

Photo: Gesa Simons

The Berlin Wall Memorial has been a part of the Berlin Wall Foundation since 2009. After 1990, an association began preserving the historical traces and relics of the Berlin Wall on Bernauer Strasse. When the Berlin Wall Foundation was established in 2008, this association was integrated into it. 

Window of Remembrance

Two committees oversee the work of the Berlin Wall Foundation: Both the Foundation Council and the Scientific Advisory Board are involved in the foundation's activities. There is also a sponsoring association involved in projects and events. The Berlin Wall Memorial is funded jointly by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the State of Berlin.

Questions about history must continually be asked anew – this is why dialogue, cooperation and international networking are very important to us. We hope you are curious about our work and that you will contact us.

Window of Remembrance

The Berlin Wall Foundation Team

Further contact persons and contacts for all locations

Detailed view of the Berlin Wall Memorial
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Detailed view of the Berlin Wall Memorial


The original association emerged from a citizens’ effort to preserve an original section of the Berlin Wall and to commemorate the victims of the Wall in a dignified form. Following a successful initiative to secure a section of the Wall on Bernauer Strasse and have it placed under historical preservation in 1990, a concept for a memorial site was developed and realized.The association “Berliner Mauer – Gedenkstätte und Dokumentationszentrum” was founded as a sponsor in November 1998. It maintained close contact to the Berlin Senate and other institutions dealing with the history of division. The sponsorship was transferred to the “Berlin Wall Foundation” after it was founded in 2008. The sponsor association was dissolved and in July 2008 a friends association was founded.

The Association supports the work of the Berlin Wall Memorial and initiates its own projects within its area of responsibility. Current events and dates can be found in the calendar of events.

The association's board and members work on a voluntary basis.

Become a Member!

The association is open to anyone who is interested in the history of the Berlin Wall and who wants to work to ensure that it is communicated to the public - especially to the younger generations. You can get involved in the ongoing projects or simply support the work of the association and the Berlin Wall Memorial financially. If you would like to know more about the association, opportunities to get involved or become a member, we will be happy to inform you.


The Boards

Manfred Fischer †

Honorary Chairman

Reiner Felsberg


Lukas Krieger

Deputy Chairman

Nils Busch-Petersen

Board Member


Stiftung Berliner Mauer
Bernauer Straße 111
13355 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0)30 213085-123
E-Mail: info [at] (info[at]stiftung-berliner-mauer[dot]de)

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