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Blick in die Ausstellung

Blick in die Ausstellung (c) Jonas Beck

Special Exhibition

Generation 1975 | Experiencing the new Germany at 14

2 October 2020 – 3 October 2021

This artistic documentary video installation presents nine people in conversation with one another who never actually met in real life. They spent their childhood and youth in Baden-Württemberg, Brandenburg or in what used to be East and West Berlin. Regardless of their background, they share one thing in common: They were all born in 1975 and 14 years old when the Berlin Wall fell. They were interviewed 30 years later about this extraordinary event that occurred in their youth.

They share their memories of the time of division, the fall of the Wall and German unification. The 60-minute installation cleverly sets the East and West viewpoints in relation to one another, providing interesting glimpses into and new perspectives on that time of upheaval in 1989/90 and the following period when divided Germany transformed into the “new” Germany.



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