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Contemporary Witnesses

Discussion with contemporary witness

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An exhibition depends on personal stories. They will also play an important role in the “Forum Checkpoint Charlie”. With this in mind, the project team is conducting biographical interviews with people who have a connection to the border crossing at Friedrichstrasse: People who lived or worked here, who dared to flee the GDR or who protested here.

We want to tell the story of what the Cold War meant to people in Berlin, in Germany and around the world. That is why we are looking for your personal stories. How did the Cold War affect your life? What experiences do you associate with the border at Checkpoint Charlie? Perhaps you still have photos, films or objects that reflect your experiences with the Wall in Zimmerstrasse or with the Cold War. We would be delighted if you would share your personal stories or objects with us.

Tell us your story!

If you would like to share your personal story about the Friedrichstrasse border crossing or the Cold War, please feel free to get in touch.

Oral history of the Berlin Wall Foundation

We see working with contemporary witnesses as a way of making everyday life with the Berlin Wall and the division of Germany visible and comprehensible. We understand our work as part of oral history.

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