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East Side Gallery: Online Exhibition

118 artists from 21 countries helped make the East Side Gallery in Berlin in 1990. It was the first time anyone had painted on the east side of the wall that had divided the city for 28 years. The artworks spoke to a unified Europe about the revolution in 1989/90 and memories of life in dictatorships and divided Germany.The new online exhibition brings together 76 video interviews about the East Side Gallery. In them, the artists talk about their pictures, describe the message and also provide information about their experiences during the upheaval of 1989/90, but also about their lives before 1989 and up to the present day.

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Historical traces and hidden histories: What does the East Side Gallery tell us?

The East Side Gallery is a place of remembrance of the division of the city and of at least 13 people who died here at the Berlin Wall between 1961 and 1989. It is a testimony to the euphoria of the fall of the Wall and at the same time a reminder of the sorrowful experiences of the year of upheaval 1990. The East Side Gallery is a monument in Berlin whose value and preservation were disputed for many years. In four chapters, the exhibition recounts the many facets of the East Side Gallery.

106 pictures from today and in their original 1990 state

The online exhibition shows a total of 106 pictures of the East Side Gallery as they can be seen today and how it looked in its original state in 1990. The images are supplemented by background information on the artworks and video interviews with the artists.

Six topical online tours

Take a walk along the East Side Gallery or click through an online tour – either with your smartphone directly at the site or from home. Choose a tour that interests you from a number of different topics:

  • Fall of the Wall 1989
  • Year of Upheaval in 1990
  • Environment
  • Life in a Dictatorship
  • The Berlin Wall in the Artwork
  • Street Art
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Interactive online votings

The three central questions of the exhibition, which were answered by the interviewees: "Who owns the city?", "The East Side Gallery - public art, monument or both?" and "How do we look back on the upheaval of 1989/90?" can be answered by visitors themselves in an interactive vote.

With QR codes to the online exhibition

On site, visitors can use QR codes to go directly from each artwork to the online exhibition.

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