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Ben Wagin's Dedication

Ben Wagin

Ben Wagin's preoccupation with the history of German division and the Berlin Wall goes back to 1961. Back in November and December 1961, he and several other artists participated in a sculpture symposium in Tiergarten that addressed the brutal demarcation of the Berlin Wall. This was the first time the Berlin Wall was addressed artistically. Some of the sculptures created at the time have been preserved near the site of the former Kroll Opera House in the Tiergarten park. The connection between the two sites was elementary to Wagin, as was the mighty "Lenné Oak" near the stones on Scheidemannstrasse / John-Foster-Dulles-Allee, which Wagin also deeply valued. They are a constituent part of his memorial ensemble.


Unrelenting against War and Violence

Wagin also addresses the relationship between man and nature in the Parliament of Trees. This is a recurrent theme throughout Ben Wagin's life: He continually advocated for a civilization at peace with nature.

The Parliament of Trees against War and Violence is a dynamic, ever-changing site of nature, remembrance and art that has been under the management of the Berlin Wall Foundation since June 2021.

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