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View of the Günter Litfin memorial site

The tower from inside, 2019 © Berlin Wall Foundation

Public tours

Public guided tours are offered in German every Saturday at 2 p.m. from April to October. During the tour, visitors become acquainted with the historical site and the structure of the GDR border regime. They also learn about the life of Günter Liftin, the first person shot and killed at the Berlin Wall. The tour also addresses his brother Jürgen and his efforts to prevent the tower’s demolition and establish a memorial for his brother.

No public tours at the moment

Group tours

Guided tours of the Günter Litfin Memorial for groups of up to 10 people are available from April to October.

The Günter Litfin Memorial

On the tour participants learn the little-known story of Günter Litfin and his brother Jürgen Litfin. After 1989 Jürgen Litfin saved the command post from falling into decay and being demolished and created a memorial for his brother in the tower. The historical site is also used to explain how the GDR border regime functioned.

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Plaque at the Günter Litfin memorial site

© Berlin Wall Foundation

Plaque at the Günter Litfin memorial site

© Berlin Wall Foundation

Live Speaking

From May to October

The watchtower

Why is there a watchtower in Kieler Straße? How did it become a memorial? And who was Günter Litfin? Just drop by with these and many other questions.

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The watchtower
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